Are there any Pokémon dual types that don’t exist?

Yes, there are currently no known Pokémon dual types that don’t exist. Every known Pokémon in existence is categorized under one or more of the 18 type combinations that have been described thus far.

Some of these dual types include Normal/Flying, Steel/Psychic, Water/Ground and so on. To date, there have been no additional type combinations discovered. As a result, the dual types that currently exist are the only known ones in existence.

Are there any Pokémon type combinations that haven t been used?

Yes, there are a variety of Pokémon type combinations that have yet to be used. For example, there is no known Electric-Ice type combination, Water-Ground, Dragon-Dark, or Ghost-Fairy type combinations.

Furthermore, some more obscure types such as Sound, Illusion, and Gravity have so far also gone unused. In general, there are still a variety of unexplored combinations in the Pokémon universe, with more likely awaiting discovery in upcoming games.

What is the rarest Pokémon type combo?

The rarest Pokémon type combination is probably Fire/Ice. This type combination is shared by only two Pokémon species; Magcargo and Darmanitan. Magcargo is based on a marine snail while Darmanitan is based on a sunabozu, a type of sand crab.

Fire/Ice types are also quite powerful, with both Magcargo and Darmanitan being capable of using both elemental types to their advantage.

Their rarity also makes them a highly sought-after type combination due to their sheer power. This combination of Fire and Ice boosts the power of both types significantly, granting them a very solid offense and defense.

Magcargo and Darmanitan can easily wreck opposing teams and are capable of defeating legendary Pokémon with ease.

Due to their immense power, Fire/Ice is one of the rarest type combinations in Pokémon, with only two species having access to it. As of writing, no Legendary Pokémon have the Fire/Ice type.

How many type combinations don t exist?

There are an infinite number of type combinations that don’t exist because any combination that has not yet been conceived could potentially exist. Additionally, any combination of types that has already been created could also be modified in some way to create a different type combination.

Essentially, the possibilities are limitless, and there is no way to determine how many combinations of types do not exist.

How many possible dual type Pokémon are there?

It is impossible to provide an exact answer to the question of how many possible dual type Pokémon there are, as new Pokémon and new dual type combinations are constantly being created and released. That said, as of late May 2021, there are more than 800 Pokémon in existence and approximately 118 of these are dual type Pokémon.

Examples of popular dual type Pokémon include Scizor (Bug/Steel), Skarmory (Steel/Flying), and Jynx (Ice/Psychic). Additionally, some Pokémon can be given dual types through the use of special items — for example, Eevee can be given the dual type Fairy/Electric through the use of the Shiny Stone.

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