Can I replace Dometic AC with Coleman?

In most cases, you cannot directly replace a Dometic air conditioner with a Coleman one. Dometic and Coleman both manufacture rooftop air conditioners for recreational vehicles, but the Coleman patterns are often broader and more difficult to properly size.

Installing an undersized Coleman air conditioner on an RV will not provide the power needed to cool adequately and can also critically damage your RV unit.

Additionally, the different patterns used by both companies can prevent you from making a direct replacement. The Coleman air conditioners have different mounting patterns than the Dometic units, and it may be difficult or impossible to make a direct replacement.

You may need to buy a new installation kit to fit the Coleman unit.

For these reasons, it is best to consult with a licensed RV technician prior to any replacement. They can accurately size a Coleman unit for your specific vehicle and advise you if it’s possible to install the unit you want.

If you cannot make a direct replacement, a qualified technician can also help you find a compatible Coleman air conditioner that fits your RV’s needs.

Are all RV air conditioners interchangeable?

No, not all RV air conditioners are interchangeable. Because each RV is designed differently, the size, shape, and even the mounting locations may vary from one model to another. Additionally, the electrical wiring and controls used for the air conditioner may be different depending on the RV model.

For example, an RV air conditioner will likely require a different electrical connection than a standard home air conditioner. Furthermore, the cooling capacities of RV air conditioners may vary greatly, ranging from 6,000 to 15,000 BTUs depending on the size of the rig.

Therefore, it is important to select an RV air conditioner that matches the electrical requirements and cooling capacity of your particular rig.

Can you replace a Dometic?

Yes, you can replace a Dometic. Replacing a Dometic is a great way to upgrade an RV and improve its comfort level. Depending on the type of replacement unit, it is possible to upgrade the insulation, the BTU rating, the air flow, and various other features.

Before replacing a Dometic, it’s important to measure the space where the unit will be installed to make sure that it fits correctly. Additionally, it’s helpful to research the various types of Dometic models available to find one that meets your specific needs.

When replacing a Dometic, it’s also important to disconnect the unit from its power source, so that you can safely work on the unit installation. Furthermore, checking for gas leaks or other potential issues may be necessary if the unit is being replaced with a gas-powered model.

Lastly, getting familiar with the operating instructions for your new unit will help avoid any potential problems.

Is Coleman AC a good brand?

Coleman AC is a good brand because it offers a variety of options for consumers to choose from. It has varied types of products that satisfy the needs of all levels of homeowners, renters, and businesses.

The Coleman AC brand offers a wide range of affordability, a good warranty, and reliable performance that exceed the industry standards. In addition, the company is a leader in energy efficiency and environmental responsibility, making sure that the products are designed to maximize energy savings.

The Coleman AC units are designed to last, withstanding the elements and punishment of extreme weather conditions. The units are energy efficient, with some models meeting or exceeding the latest government requirements for energy savings.

Furthermore, Coleman AC units are associated with great customer service and satisfaction ratings, ensuring that customers receive the best advice when choosing an AC unit as well as an assurance that their purchase is backed by a reliable warranty and excellent service.

Who owns Coleman RV air conditioners?

Coleman RV air conditioners are made and sold by Airxcel, Inc. Based in Wichita, Kansas, Airxcel is a leading manufacturer of climate control products for the marine, RV and hospitality industries. Since 1981, they have been providing comfort, convenience and energy efficiency with their products.

Coleman RV air conditioners are designed to fit in a variety of roof and side locations, including 13,500 and 15,000 BTUs for both standard and low profile models. Their air conditioners are not only reliable, but are easy to use, simple to install and include several advanced features designed to ensure the ultimate in RV comfort.

With an extensive 12-month warranty coverage and dealer service, Coleman RV air conditioners are a great choice for any RV’er looking to keep cool while out on the road.

Can I replace my 13500 RV AC with a 15000?

Yes, you can replace your 13500 RV AC with a 15000, however there are a few factors to consider before doing so. The first would be the power requirements for the RV. If the power is insufficient, then the 15000 may not provide the same cooling as the 13500.

Additionally, the size of the unit also needs to be taken into consideration. If the 15000 is too large, then there may be additional structural requirements needed to support the unit’s weight. Finally, there may also be an environmental impact to consider as 15000 units typically may be less efficient than 13500s.

Ultimately, the decision to change out the unit is yours, but it would be best to pinpoint exactly what your power requirements and environmental considerations are, to make sure you are making the right decision.

How long do Dometic AC units last?

Dometic AC units typically last between 8 to 15 years, depending on several factors such as the model, the amount of usage and the type of maintenance that has been completed on the unit. Some units may last much longer than 15 years while others may need to be replaced earlier than 8 years.

Factors such as the quality of your air filters and the amount of regular maintenance completed may play a major role in the life of the unit. Also keep in mind that the environment and other external factors can further reduce the life of your Dometic AC unit.

Which is the most reliable AC brand?

When it comes to air conditioning, it can be difficult to know which brand is the most reliable. Many factors such as customer reviews, energy efficiency, service and repair records, warranty policies, and available features should be taken into account when selecting an AC brand.

Some of the top AC brands in terms of reliability and performance include Carrier, American Standard, Trane, Lennox, and Rheem. Carrier is considered the industry leader in air conditioning and is known for its superior durability, efficiency, and performance.

American Standard offers a wide range of air conditioners with high-efficiency ratings and a variety of features. Trane also produces top-of-the-line systems that offer quiet operation and impressive efficiency.

Lennox is another leading HVAC company specializing in efficient and effective products, backed by a long history of excellence. Finally, Rheem is renowned for its reliable products, superior features, and user-friendly technologies.

Ultimately, when choosing an AC brand, the customer should research the options and select the most appropriate solution based on their specific needs and budget.

What brand of HVAC is the most reliable?

As there are many factors to consider. However, some of the most well-known and reliable brands in the industry include Carrier, Trane, Lennox, and Rheem. These companies have great reputations for making reliable, efficient, and long-lasting products.

Carrier has been in the business for over a century and produces the widest range of HVAC systems. Trane makes some of the most reliable and sophisticated products available, while Lennox focuses on quiet but powerful HVAC units.

Rheem units are known to be quiet and energy efficient, as well as long-lasting.

It is important to consult with a professional before making a purchase as they will be able to advise you on the best type and size of unit for your environment. Additionally, it is helpful to read reviews online and look at customer ratings in order to make sure that you are selecting a reliable product.

Doing research ahead of time is the best way to ensure that the product you choose is reliable and will fit your needs.

Is Airxcel the same as Coleman?

No, Airxcel and Coleman are not the same. While both Airxcel and Coleman product lines may consist of outdoor recreational products, including camping gear and portable indoor/outdoor heating and cooling solutions, Airxcel and Coleman are actually two different companies.

Airxcel is a privately held, wholly-owned, global leader in recreation and climate control solutions, offering a full range of gas-fired warm-air heating, indoor/outdoor cooling, ventilation and cooking equipment.

Coleman, on the other hand, is the world’s leading manufacturer of camping and outdoor gear, providing customers with a full range of over 1,500 products, including tents, sleeping bags, lanterns, backpacks and other camping accessories.

Therefore, while both companies produce equipment and gear for recreational activities, they are not the same.

How do I know what RV AC I have?

To figure out what RV AC you have, you will need to locate the model number or serial number of the RV AC unit. This is commonly found on the front of the unit and could be stamped, engraved, or printed on the side.

From there, you will need to contact the manufacturer or look up the information online. You may also need to check the RV manual or owner’s manual. Once you have the model number, you can look it up online to find out what type of RV AC you have.

Additionally, a service technician can assess the type of RV AC unit you have and provide you with the necessary information.

Can you run a 50 amp RV air conditioner on 30 amp?

No, you cannot run a 50 amp RV air conditioner on 30 amp. The difficult thing is that 30-amp power supplies generally do not provide enough power to start the motor on most air conditioners. Without enough power, the air conditioner will not start and run correctly.

The safest way to run a 50 amp air conditioner is to use a 50 amp power supply that provides the full 3000 watts needed to start and run the RV air conditioner properly. Additionally, using an adapter to plug a 50 amp RV air conditioner into a 30-amp power supply will void any warranty from the manufacturer.

In most circumstances, you should avoid running a 50 amp RV air conditioner on 30 amp.

What do you do when your RV air conditioner stops working?

If your RV air conditioner stops working, the first thing to do is to determine what the cause of the issue is. If the air conditioner appears to be in working order (e. g. , turning on and making noise), then you’ll want to check the power source.

Be sure to check the power cords, circuit breaker, and fuses to make sure they are all in working order. If the power source appears to be ok, then it may be an internal issue with the air conditioner itself.

In this case, it is best to contact a professional to take a look at the unit. They will be able to diagnose the issue and suggest an appropriate course of action to make the necessary repairs. If you decide to attempt to diagnose the problem yourself, it is advisable to be familiar with the air conditioner and its components before diving in.

Furthermore, be sure to check the manual of your particular model for troubleshooting guidance.

Are RV air conditioners 120 or 240?

The majority of RV air conditioners run on 120 volts, meaning they are powered by a standard household outlet. This makes it easy to use the air conditioner in almost any environment, from camping in the woods to driving down the highway.

However, some high-end RV air conditioners are designed to run on either 120 or 240 volts, allowing them to work with both standard household outlets and larger dedicated RV power sources. As such, it is important to check the model specifications of your air conditioner to ensure that it is designed to be used with the power source available.

Where is the Dometic model number?

The Dometic model number can generally be found on the product itself. It is often printed on a label, sticker, or plate on the appliance. The model number should be prominently visible and easy to find.

In some cases, the model number can also be found in the user manual or on the manufacturer’s website. Additionally, the model number may be included as part of the serial number label, usually in the format of “Model No: XXXXXX-XX.

” If you are unable to locate the model number for your Dometic product, you can contact Dometic’s customer service department for assistance.

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