Does Jackery have good customer service?

Yes, Jackery has very good customer service. They offer a variety of customer service channels, including phone, email, and live chat support on their website. Additionally, they provide detailed customer service contact information on their website, making it easy to get in touch with their team.

Most customers report having great experiences when getting in touch with their customer service team, stating that their customer support representatives are friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful in finding solutions to their problems.

Furthermore, Jackery has a dedicated FAQ page to help provide customers with quick and easy answers to their questions. All in all, Jackery has excellent customer service that makes it easy for customers to have their issues addressed in an efficient and timely manner.

Is Jackery a good company?

Yes, Jackery appears to be a reputable company. They offer high quality, reliable, and affordable products and have the highest rated customer service department in the industry. They are also committed to providing a better and more sustainable lifestyle by developing renewable energy products and creating a green future.

They also have an extensive product range, with both portable power stations and solar products available. Their products have been used in some of the world’s harshest environments, such as Himalayan bases and even Antarctica.

Additionally, they have won many awards and have become a trusted brand and supplier of portable solar power systems and batteries. All in all, Jackery is a reputable company that is committed to providing high quality and reliable products along with excellent customer service.

How do I contact Jackery customer service?

To contact Jackery customer service, there are several options available.

If you need immediate assistance, you can call their customer support number at 1-888-442-5359. If you need to email, you can send a message to support@myjackery. com. For more in-depth questions or inquiries, you can also submit a request through the Jackery Support System.

Alternatively, if you have an account with Jackery, you can log in and access their knowledge base. Here, you can find helpful support articles and solutions to most of your commonly asked questions.

If you still can’t find the answer you’re looking for, feel free to contact their customer support team directly. Their helpful, knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to assist you in finding the best solution for your inquiry.

Where is the company Jackery located?

Jackery is a consumer electronics company that specializes in personal outdoor power solutions for mobile consumers. The company is headquartered in Fremont, California, in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Jackery is a global company with offices in the US and abroad, including Los Angeles, Canada, and Germany. Jackery designs, manufactures, and distributes portable yet powerful power products that users can be confident in taking with them on the go.

Jackery’s goal is to make reliable and convenient power products easily accessible to today’s mobile and outdoor lifestyle.

Who competes with Jackery?

Jackery competes in the portable power and outdoor energy markets with a variety of companies, including Anker, Goal Zero, EcoFlow, Xtorm, Rockpals, and NEXGADGET. Each of these companies offer their own unique collection of products that vary in features, prices, and capabilities.

Jackery primarily focuses on providing high-quality power banks and solar generators, while also offering cables, wall connectors, and Bluetooth accessories. Through a combination of well-made products, reliable customer service, and competitive prices, Jackery strives to gain an edge over its competitors.

The company also conscientiously invests in the development of renewable energy technology, aiming to provide innovative and advanced products to customers.

Is Jackery made in China?

Yes, Jackery is made in China. The company is based in Silicon Valley, California and has a research facility in Shenzhen, China. Jackery manufactures a wide range of power bank and solar products that are designed for outdoor lifestyle enthusiasts.

The products are all made in China with high-quality parts such as lithium-ion polymer batteries, evacuated tubes and aluminum alloy frames. Jackery has its own factory in Shenzhen that is certified by ISO and UL, so customers can feel confident in the quality of the products they purchase.

Additionally, Jackery has invested huge amounts of money in research and development to ensure that the products they produce are cutting-edge and reliable.

Is Bluetti or Jackery better?

It is difficult to say definitively that one brand, Bluetti or Jackery, is necessarily better than the other, as it will ultimately depend on individual needs and preferences. Both brands provide high-quality solar generators that come with a variety of features, making them both worth considering.

For example, Bluetti solar generators are generally on the more expensive side and can provide plenty of power for running household appliances, with some of their larger models boasting up to 5,000 watts of output and 24,000Wh of capacity.

Meanwhile, Jackery solar generators offer models with a more affordable price tag, such as their Explorer 500 generator, that still provide plenty of juice for small appliances and gadgets. In addition to the different sizes and prices, both brands also offer additional components and features, such as USB ports and an app for monitoring energy usage and charging status.

Ultimately, the choice between Bluetti or Jackery will depend on the individual’s unique needs. If they need a lot of power capacity and don’t mind paying higher prices, then a Bluetti model may be the right choice.

Conversely, if they are looking for a more economical solution with plenty of portable power, then a Jackery model could be the better option.

Is Jackery owned by Honda?

No, Jackery is not owned by Honda. Jackery is an American brand started by a team of outdoor enthusiasts and battery experts in Silicon Valley. The company has developed a range of portable charger products, including solar generators and portable power banks for mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and other electronic devices.

Additionally, the company offers product accessories to keep the devices charged, such as solar panels and adapters. Jackery focuses on creating innovative products for outdoor adventurers and creative professionals.

Is Jackery or Goal Zero better?

It ultimately depends on the individual’s needs and preferences.

Jackery produces a wide range of high-quality power banks, solar panels, and other power solutions. The company’s products are designed with durability and easy use in mind, making them ideal for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

Jackery’s power banks come in various sizes and cost ranges, so users can find the product that best fits their needs. Additionally, some power banks can be charged using solar energy, making them perfect for those who need to stay connected when away from home.

On the other hand, Goal Zero offers portable solar panels that are highly efficient and come in different sizes and wattages. The brand’s portable power supplies come with a built-in rechargeable battery and USB charging ports, allowing users to power their devices without the need for an outlet.

Goal Zero also makes energy banking products, such as the Yeti power stations, which are larger and more efficient. These products are great for those who need a reliable power supply while camping, or those who need to run power-hungry devices such as air conditioners or refrigerators.

When it comes to choosing which is better between Jackery and Goal Zero, consider the individual’s needs, budget, and preferences. Both brands offer high-quality, reliable power solutions, and a bit of research can go a long way toward ensuring that one can find the best product for their needs.

Are Jackery products made in USA?

No, Jackery products are not made in the USA. Although the brand is headquartered in the US, their products are made in China and other parts of Asia. Jackery does have a number of certified US based partners for design and engineering, but the actual production of the products occurs overseas.

While some of the components may be sourced from the US, the products are not ultimately made in the US.

Does Honda make Jackery?

No, Honda does not make Jackery. Jackery is a company that specializes in the production of portable power solutions, such as external batteries, solar panels, and power stations. The company was founded in 2012 and is based in Silicon Valley in the United States.

Honda is primarily a manufacturer of cars, motorcycles, ATVs, and power equipment. They also have businesses in the financial, energy, and robotics industries.

Is Goal Zero better than Jackery?

The answer to this question depends on what you are looking for in a portable power station.

Goal Zero responds to a few features that Jackery does not. Specifically, Goal Zero has wider compatibility with solar panels and is slightly lighter. However, it does come with a much heftier price tag.

Jackery is the better option for the budget-minded. Its adjustable power delivery system allows you to select the exact amount of power you need. The Explorer range of power stations is suitable for more demanding applications.

The models are well designed and come with a fairly generous warranty.

Ultimately, it is difficult to recommend one brand over the other as both are viable options depending on the needs of the user.

How long is warranty on Jackery?

The Jackery warranty typically varies by product. Generally speaking, Jackery offers a 1-year limited warranty on all products. This means that any material or workmanship-related defects will be repaired or replaced within 1 year of purchase, at the discretion of the manufacturer.

Additionally, the warranty covers only original, unaltered products. Damages caused by misuse, abuse, or related to improper installation, shipping, or other accidents are not covered. For more specific information about the warranty for a particular Jackery product, please refer to the product’s user guide or contact the manufacturer directly.

What is the power station to buy?

When it comes to choosing a power station to buy, the best choice largely depends on the individual’s specific needs and budget. To make the most informed decision, it is important to research the different types of power stations available and familiarize oneself with their features and performance.

The most basic power stations are designed to meet basic requirements, such as charging electronic devices and providing simple AC access, while more complex units may come with a built-in inverter, and higher-end models may come with a larger fuel tank and the ability to jump start, charge and store multiple electronic devices.

Additionally, some power stations may come with additional features such as LED displays and solar panels to further increase their convenience and efficiency.

When it comes to selecting a power station, it is important to factor in the average amount of time one intends to be away from a original electricity source as this will determine the size of unit to purchase for the most effective use.

It is also important to check the wattage of the power sources to be sure it is sufficient for the gadgets or devices one intends to power. Additionally,it is important to note that purchasing a fuel-powered generator may require additional maintenance and refuelling so one should keep this in mind when making a purchasing decision.

Ultimately, selecting the ideal power station largely depends on individual preferences and needs. Those who wish to make an informed decision should research the available models, consider their unique needs and decide on a station that meets these needs while staying within their individual budget.

What is the lifespan of a Jackery?

The lifespan of a Jackery depends largely on how the battery is used and maintained. On average, a Jackery should last around 500 charge cycles or two to three years if maintained properly. If a Jackery is used frequently and discharged more deeply to full capacity, it may need to be replaced more often.

Additionally, extreme temperatures and overcharging can reduce the life of the battery as well. To get the most out of a Jackery battery, it should be charged regularly and discharged only when necessary.

It should be stored in a cool and dry place when not in use, and fully charged at least every 6 months to prevent the battery from going into a deep discharge cycle. If a Jackery suffering from poor performance or no longer holds a charge, it’s likely time to replace the battery.

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