How do I contact 4Patriots?

If you wish to contact 4Patriots, you can do so in a few different ways.

First, you can call their customer service number at 1-877-327-0365. The customer service team is available Monday – Friday from 8am – 8pm EST.

Second, you can email their customer service team at [email protected] Any emails will be responded to within 24 hours.

Finally, you can contact 4Patriots by mail at:


PO Box 1402

Columbia, TN 38402-1402

We hope this has been helpful. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email 4Patriots directly.

What is the customer service number for 4Patriots?

The customer service number for 4Patriots is 888-441-6283. The customer service team is available to answer any questions you might have Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm EST. The team is comprised of friendly and knowledgeable members who are experts on the 4Patriots product line, and they are happy to provide helpful advice and assistance.

Additionally, if you need to reach customer service outside of normal working hours, you can leave a voicemail or send an email to info@4Patriots. com. We’ll do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Who owns the company 4Patriots?

4Patriots is a family-owned business that was founded in April 2013 by Allen Baler, a Harvard graduate and former Capitol Hill staffer. After experiencing a devastating back-to-back tornado that hit his community, Baler was inspired to create a company that could empower individuals and families to become self-reliant, secure, and independent.

The goal of 4Patriots is to solve the burning issues of food, water, and energy security, to help people stay informed and prepared for potential disasters, and to offer cost-effective, life-saving solutions.

The company is located in Nashville, TN and provides its customers with products designed to help individuals and families as well as small business owners prepare for possible disasters. 4Patriots offers a wide range of products and services, including survival and emergency kits, solar panels, water filtration systems, and more.

To increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, 4Patriots follows a strict customer service policy that ensures customer safety and satisfaction.

Where is 4Patriots located?

4Patriots is located in Nashville, Tennessee. It is an American-owned company that makes tools and supplies to help individuals become self-reliant and independent. The company designs, manufactures, and distributes products that are intended to help people be prepared for any possible disaster or crisis, with a focus on providing sustainable solutions that can help people become self-reliant.

As a result, the products offered by 4Patriots range from food storage and off-grid power systems, to tactical and survival gear, self-defense products, and other emergency planning resources. All items are shipped from 4Patriots’ warehouse in Nashville and can generally be shipped anywhere within the US for a flat rate.

Where does 4Patriots ship from?

4Patriots ships from two fulfillment centers in the United States — one in Lebanon, TN, and one in Louisville, KY. This location enables us to ship to most of the continental US in 1-3 business days.

From time to time, we may also utilize other fulfillment centers and/or use drop shipping methods depending on the order and where it is being shipped. Our customer service reps are here to answer any questions you may have about our shipping policies, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to helping you get your 4Patriots order as quickly and safely as possible!.

Is 4Patriots made in China?

No, 4Patriots is not made in China. 4Patriots is a family-owned business in Tennessee, USA. All of their products are manufactured in the USA. They source their ingredients from both domestic and international suppliers, but all of their products are packaged and shipped from their facility in Tennessee.

4Patriots is committed to providing high-quality products to their customers. They use only quality ingredients that are carefully inspected and tested for safety and performance in their products. Their customers’ wellbeing and satisfaction are of utmost importance to them, and they always strive to use safe, sustainable, and environmentally friendly ingredients.

How long has 4Patriots been in business?

4Patriots has been in business since 2013. Founded by Bill Heid and Allen Baler, 4Patriots is an online retailer of emergency and survival products designed to help people prepare for a variety of potential disasters.

The company experienced rapid growth in its first few years of business and has continued to expand its product offering to include solar power systems, food storage, emergency lighting, and first-aid kits.

4Patriots is dedicated to providing innovative and dependable solutions for people to be prepared for any crisis, and their products now reach people in over 180 countries around the world. The company has worked hard to spread their mission, educate people on the importance of preparedness and provide solutions for those who are looking for them.

What is the brand of survival food?

The most popular brand of survival food is Wise Company. Wise Company specializes in creating long-term food products that are designed to last for up to 25 years in optimal storage conditions. Their core products consist of entrees, breakfasts, beverages, fruits and vegetables, soups, desserts, as well as snacks.

All of their products are non-GMO and made in certified facilities. Wise Company also offers other emergency gear such as camping gear, first aid kits, water filtration, sanitation, and more. In addition to their extensive food selection, they also offer workshops and seminars that teach customers how to plan and acquire their emergency food supplies, so they’re fully prepared for any disasters that come their way.

All of their survival food is packaged in mylar pouches designed to protect the food from oxygen and moisture and are labeled with shelf life information and instructions for preparing the meals.

How long does it take for Patriot supply to ship?

Patriot Supply typically takes 1-2 business days to process orders and ship them out, with most orders arriving within 3-5 business days. However, these timelines may be subject to change depending on weather conditions and other factors that are beyond their control.

Additionally, orders placed on weekends or holidays will be processed and shipped on the following business day. For further details on Patriot Supply’s shipping policies, please contact their customer service team.

How long does Patriot food last?

The shelf life of Patriot food depends on what type of food it is, and how it’s been stored. For example, canned, dried, or freeze-dried food can last up to 10 to 25 years due to their preservatives, whereas dehydrated food can last up to 15 years when stored properly.

Refrigerated food, such as hummus or deli meats, can last around two weeks and frozen food can last between two and three months. To maximize the shelf life of your Patriot food, make sure to store it in a cool, dark, and dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture.

Additionally, keep your food in an airtight container at all times and rotate food items regularly to ensure the freshness of your Patriot food.

Is 4Patriots a reputable company?

Yes, 4Patriots is a highly reputable company. They have been in business since 2010, and in that time they have earned an excellent reputation. They have helped millions of Americans prepare for disasters, survive economic downturns, and build sustainable and independent lifestyles.

Their products are high-quality, innovative, and reliable. In addition, they are 100% committed to customer service and satisfaction, and they stand behind all of their products with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Finally, they have received numerous awards and accolades from respected organizations and publications, including Consumer Reports and The Wall Street Journal. These awards are a testament to the excellent quality and reliability of their products and services.

Is ready hour the same as My Patriot Supply?

No, Ready Hour and My Patriot Supply are two separate companies. Ready Hour is a family-run business located in Florida and they specialize in food and emergency supplies such as freeze-dried and dehydrated foods, drinks, first-aid kits, and more.

My Patriot Supply is an emergency preparedness company based in Utah and they offer a variety of products to prepare for emergencies including food storage, water systems, and other non-food supplies such as shelter, personal defense items, and first-aid items.

Both companies provide quality emergency supplies to help you be prepared for any situation and their product selections are similar, but Ready Hour does not offer non-food supplies like My Patriot Supply does.

Does Patriot pantry food expire?

Patriot Pantry food is designed to have a long shelf life, but it does expire eventually. Most of the items in their emergency food storage kits have an expiration date of two to five years from the date of purchase, depending on the product.

The expiration date can be found on the side or bottom of each item or in the description section on the website. It is generally recommended that the food be used within two years of purchase to get the most nutritional value and taste out of the items.

However, all Patriot Pantry products can be consumed after the expiration date has passed, as long as the food is stored properly and has been kept in a cool and dry place. Ultimately, it is still ultimately up to the consumer to decide what is safe and suitable for consumption, even after the expiration date has passed.

How do you store 4patriots survival food?

Storing 4patriots Survival Food is simple, easy and requires minimal effort. You should store it in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Ideally, you should store your Survival Food in a location that is between 40-60 Fahrenheit.

This will help ensure that it has the longest shelf-life possible. To preserve the quality of the food, a temperature controlled environment is also recommended. In terms of containers, you can typically use a plastic, airtight bucket or container for short-term storage.

For long-term storage, canning is highly recommended. Airtight glass or metal cans and jars with lids will protect your food from moisture and sunlight. You may also want to consider vacuum sealing, as it will help to keep out any pests and maintain the longevity of the food.

Additionally, you should store your food off the ground, as this will better protect it from moisture temperatures.

What food will last for 20 years?

There are various foods that can last for up to 20 years and many more that can last for even longer. Foods with long shelf lives include a variety of grains, canned goods, and dehydrated products.

Grains: Grains such as wheat, oats, and barley can last for up to 20 years when stored properly. These grains can be stored in air-tight containers and kept in a cool, dry place.

Canned Goods: Canned goods are great for long-term storage and can last for up to 20 years when properly sealed and stored. Foods such as canned vegetables and fruits, beans, soups and stews, fish, and other meats typically can last up to 20 years or longer.

Dehydrated foods: Dehydrated foods such as rice, pasta, dried fruits, and vegetables can last up to 20 years or longer. These foods should be stored in an air-tight container in a cool, dry place.

In addition to these foods, other items such as powdered milk, honey, and sugar can also last up to 20 years when stored properly.

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