How thick will a Hypertherm 65 cut?

The Hypertherm 65 is capable of producing cuts up to 1/2 inch (12. 7 mm) thick in mild steel, 3/4 inch (19. 1 mm) thick in stainless steel and 5/8 inch (15. 9 mm) thick in aluminum. Depending on the type of material you’re cutting, the consumables and air pressure settings, the 65 can cut even thicker material.

In certain applications, Hypertherm can offer solutions to increase the severance beyond this capability. For example, a CNC cutting table might allow a machine to employ multiple torches and increase the severance capability as well as productivity.

Other Hypertherm power sources, such as the Hypertherm Duramax and Powermax series, may also be better equipped for more demanding severance tasks.

How many amps does a hypertherm 65 have?

The Hypertherm 65 has an output of 65 amps. It is a high-powered plasma cutter and is great for cutting sheets of metal. It also has a good duty cycle of 40%, which means it can run up to 40% of the time before needing to cool down.

In addition, it has a current range of 20 to 65 amps, allowing you to adjust the strength of the cut. This makes the Hypertherm 65 very versatile and a great tool for cutting thicker metal sheets.

How long do Hypertherm consumables last?

The length of time Hypertherm consumables such as nozzles, drag shields, electrodes, etc. last depends on how often they are used and the cutting conditions in which they are used. As a general guide, Hypertherm recommends replacing consumables at either 10-20 hours or 500 inches (127 meters) of cut, whichever comes first.

As cut quality and torch performance begin to decline over time, it is important to adhere to a regular maintenance and replacement schedule to ensure the optimal performance of your Hypertherm system.

Additionally, Hypertherm supplies have a limited shelf life and should be used before their expiration date. With routine maintenance and regular replacement of Hypertherm consumables, you can maximize your system’s performance, ensuring the most reliable and consistent cuts.

What is the difference between hypertherm 45 and 45xp?

The Hypertherm 45 and 45XP plasma cutters are two products in the Powermax family of cutters. The two models have many features in common, but the 45XP model has several technological advancements that increase the overall power, versatility, and performance of this plasma cutting tool.

The Powermax 45 is designed to cut electrically conductive metals with a maximum current of 45 amperes (A) and a maximum cutting thickness of 12. 7 mm (0. 5 inch). The Plasma cutting torch included with the Powermax 45 is an Air Pressure (or Compressed Air) Torch, meaning the air pressure used during cutting has to be adjusted manually.

The Powermax 45XP is designed with the same cutting parameters and torches as the Powermax 45 but with the added ability to adjust the air pressure automatically for more consistent performance. The maximum current of the Powermax 45XP is 55 A (compared to the 45 A of the Powermax 45).

This gives the Powermax 45XP more power, allowing it to cut materials up to 25. 4 mm (1 inch). Additionally, the XP model has a higher maximum pierce of 18. 4 mm (0. 725 inches) compared to the 12. 7 mm (0.

5 inch) pierce of the 45.

The Powermax 45XP also includes a Duramax torch, providing increased cooling and increased torch tip life. Duramax torches are resistant to high levels of heat and voltage, allowing for improved performance over time with decreased maintenance due to the advanced thermal management.

Ultimately, the Powermax 45 and 45XP are both reliable plasma cutting tools aimed at different user-groups. The Powermax 45 provides a basic air pressure cutting solution for beginners, while the 45XP enhances the performance of the 45 with more advanced features and higher cutting capacities.

What is pierce delay in plasma cutting?

Pierce delay is a term used in plasma cutting to refer to the time required for a standard plasma torch to make an initial hole in the metal it is cutting. Depending on the thickness and type of metal being cut, the pierce delay will vary.

Because thinner material is easier to penetrate, the pierce delay for it is usually shorter than for thicker metal. The pierce delay can range from 0. 5 to 4 seconds, with most torches having a default of 1 second.

When plasma cutting, the torch needs to pierce the material before it starts to cut along the desired path. To do this, the torch must create a starter hole, through which the plasma arc can travel to start cutting.

This process takes time and is referred to as a pierce delay. If the pierce delay is too short, the arc may not stay in the hole and could go out of the material being cut. On the other hand, if the pierce delay is too long, it can lead to longer cutting time and increased material cost.

The proper pierce delay will depend on the thickness of the material being cut, as well as the type of material. Keeping the pierce delay at the right level can help to ensure that the plasma cutting process is as efficient as possible.

How long does a plasma cutting tip last?

The lifespan of a plasma cutting tip depends on a few factors, such as the type of material being cut, the size of the material and the amperage of the plasma torch. Generally, on thinner material, a tip could last up to a few hours of cutting, while thicker material could reduce this life significantly.

Additionally, higher amperage torches will produce more heat and can reduce the lifespan of the tip. On average, one can expect the life of a plasma cutting tip to be anywhere from 10-15 minutes to up to a few hours.

If the tip is wearing down too quickly, it might be a good idea to replace it to ensure proper cutting performance.

Is a Hypertherm Powermax 85 single phase?

No, the Hypertherm Powermax 85 is not a single phase machine. It is a three phase plasma cutting system that is designed to be used in industrial and heavy-duty manufacturing facilities. It is equipped with a high-frequency arc start, auto-voltage control, and advanced Duramax Lock torch technology.

In addition, the Powermax 85 features an 85 amp output that allows it to cut through thick non-ferrous metals, including stainless steel and aluminum. This machine is also capable of performing gouging and marking operations with precision and accuracy.

Where is hypertherm made?

Hypertherm is an American company that manufactures industrial cutting systems, products and software for use in the manufacturing, fabrication and automotive industries. The company is based in Hanover, New Hampshire in the USA, where all of its manufacturing is completed.

In addition, Hypertherm also has facilities in California, Oregon, and Minnesota in the US, as well as in Mexico, China and the UK. The company not only manufactures product in these countries, but also uses local resources to develop and promote its products in order to provide a better experience for its customers.

Who owns Hypertherm?

Hypertherm, Inc. is a U. S. based company that has been privately owned by the same family since it was founded in 1968 by Ken Davidson. Today, the Davidson family and Hypertherm employees continue to own the company and its subsidiaries.

Currently, the majority ownership of Hypertherm is held jointly by the two sons of Ken Davidson, Dick and Bob — who are Chairman of the Board and President, respectively — and their families. The Davidson family holds an approximate 81% ownership stake of parent company Hypertherm Holdings Corp.

, while the remaining 19% is owned by approximately 600 of its employees. Hypertherm’s ownership structure allows it to remain independent, while aligning its interests with its customers, partners, and more.

Where are Hobart plasma cutters made?

Hobart plasma cutters are manufactured at various locations as part of their parent company, Illinois Tool Works. Primary locations include the US, Ireland, Canada, Mexico and China. The company’s headquarters are located in Glenview, Illinois, where many of their products are made for domestic and international distribution.

The majority of Hobart plasma cutters are designed and manufactured in the United States, where their focus is on producing quality products with maximum uptime. Their production lines have been designed and engineered to ensure tight tolerance control.

They use advanced computer and programming technologies to craft high-precision plasma cutters with superior precision, consistency, and performance.

The company also maintains manufacturing facilities in China and Mexico to serve their growing demand for international distributors. These locations handle production and finishing operations, ensuring reliable and cost-effective product solutions to fulfill customer requirements.

From design, engineering, and fabrication to testing and final assembly, the production of each Hobart plasma cutter is of the highest standards and quality. With these high-quality standards, all plasma cutters undergo an extensive quality assurance inspection before being marked for shipment.

What plasma cutters are made in the USA?

Plasma cutters that are made in the USA are designed and manufactured by a variety of well-known brands, including Miller Electric, Hypertherm, and ESAB. These brands strive to offer high-quality machines that feature the latest technology, enabling you to get a wide range of cutting jobs done with ease.

Miller Electric’s plasma cutters are marketed for industrial uses such as automotive and construction, while Hypertherm focuses more on offering the best fabrication and aerospace cutting solutions. ESAB is a top choice for those seeking plasma cutting technology that can tackle tasks in different industries such as manufacturing, shipbuilding and steel processing.

All these plasma cutters are designed to provide high quality cutting performance, allowing you to complete a variety of tasks with precision and accuracy.

Is hypertherm a good plasma cutter?

Yes, Hypertherm is considered a good plasma cutter. It is widely trusted and used by industry professionals to make precise and clean cuts in a variety of materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and any other electrically-conductive material.

It is known for its advanced technology and reliable operation. Hypertherm plasma cutters have excellent cutting speed and precision, as well as easy setup and operation. The advanced design of their plasma cutting technology makes cutting more efficient, with increased productivity and cost savings.

Their plasma cutters are also known for their durability and long-term reliability. In addition to high-quality performance, Hypertherm also offers a wide range of accessories and consumables for their machines, making them great for any business looking for a flexible and reliable plasma cutter.

Is Hobart made in USA?

No, Hobart is not made in the United States. Hobart is a brand name of ITW, formerly known as the Illinois Tool Works. ITW is a multi-national manufacturer based in Glenview, Illinois, just outside of Chicago.

ITW has over 800 locations around the world, but their Hobart brand of products are manufactured in Canada, Mexico, and Europe. The company’s slogan is “World Class Manufacturing Everywhere” and ITW is a global manufacturer of welding and metal fabrication equipment, food equipment and commercial bakery equipment, and industrial and commercial parts and components.

Who is Hobart made by?

Hobart is manufactured by ITW Food Equipment Group, which is a global company that designs, manufactures, and services food equipment and related services for the foodservice and food retail industries.

ITW Food Equipment Group is part of the global conglomerate Illinois Tool Works, Inc. (ITW) and was formed in 2019 with the merger of The Hobart Corporation, Vulcan Food Equipment Group, and other foodservice-related product lines held by ITW.

ITW Food Equipment Group is headquartered in Hatfield, England, and provides food equipment and related services to more than 80 countries around the globe. It’s a highly diversified company that includes everything from commercial-grade kitchen equipment and warewashers to ice makers and cooking equipment.

Who makes Hobart welding machine?

Hobart welding machines are manufactured by Hobart Welders, a company based in Troy, Ohio. Hobart Welders is a leading manufacturer of welding and metalworking equipment with a history that dates back to 1917.

Over the years, they’ve developed an extensive line of welding machines, plasma cutters, and accessories. Their welding machines are designed to provide welders with the equipment they need to complete a variety of welding applications, from basic home repairs to complex industrial projects.

All of their welding machines come with warranties and feature advanced technologies, including inverter technology and pulse welding. Additionally, they have a full line of consumables and accessories, from welding rods and wire, to safety gear and other equipment, to ensure that welders have everything they need to succeed.

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