Is YETI a lifetime guarantee?

No, YETI does not offer a lifetime guarantee on any of its products. However, the company does provide a 5-year warranty on its ‘Hard Coolers and Drinkware’ as well as a 3-year warranty for its ‘Soft Coolers and LoadOut™ Gear’.

This warranty covers defects in material or workmanship from the original owner against any manufacturing defect. YETI may also provide a one-time replacement for items that are found to have manufacturing defects within the warranty period.

Additionally, the company provides a 100-day satisfaction guarantee, in which you can return any product that is unused and in its original condition within 100 days of purchase for a full refund.

How long is the YETI warranty?

The YETI warranty offers an industry-leading coverage that provides a 5-year limited warranty for Tundra Coolers, Rambler Drinkware, and the LoadOut Collection. This warranty is extended to the original purchaser only and guarantees that the product is free from defects in material and workmanship.

If any of YETI’s product fail during the 5-year warranty period, YETI will replace the product with the same or a similar item. This excludes products that have been modified or damaged through wear, tear, or misuse.

YETI also offers an Outfitter Program that provides a lifetime warranty on their Hopper, Tank and Roadie line of products. This warranty provides replacement of any YETI product that was purchased from an authorized dealer, should the product become defective due to material or workmanship.

Finally, YETI also provides an accessories warranty on their related products such as beverage holders and gear straps. This warranty lasts for one year and covers defects in material and workmanship.

In summary, the YETI warranty offers comprehensive coverage for their products through their 5-year limited warranty for Tundra Coolers, Rambler Drinkware, and the LoadOut Collection, their lifetime warranty on their Hopper, Tank, and Roadie line of products, and their accessories product warranty that lasts for one year.

Does a YETI bucket have a warranty?

Yes, YETI buckets have a 5-year limited warranty. This warranty covers any YETI product that you purchase that has a material or workmanship defect when used under normal conditions. If the product fails during normal use, YETI repairs or replaces it at their discretion.

This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, damages caused by accidents or modifications, or damages caused by improper use or care.

Why are YETI cups recalled?

YETI cups have been recalled by the U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission due to possible laceration hazards. Specifically, the recalled YETI Rambler 30 oz. tumblers and YETI Colster drink insulators have a lip on the rim that can cut users when they take a sip or bite from the tumbler.

Reports have indicated that the lip can cause cuts and punctures to the users’ lips, tongue, and hands.

The company has sent out recall notices to all customers who purchased the affected tumblers and insulators since February 2018. Instructions for a potential fix were provided, including a rubber sleeve to cover the edge of the tumbler to improve and assist with their user experience.

Customers were also given the option to receive a replacement product or a full refund.

In order to ensure of the safety of all customers, YETI is providing free replacements or refunds to all customers who purchased an affected YETI tumbler or drink insulator. The company has also set up a help center on their website, which offers instructions to customers who are eligible to receive a fix or a replacement.

Why did my Yeti stop working?

The most common causes are due to either a lack of power, faulty wiring, user error, or a malfunctioning component.

If you haven’t already, check the power source to make sure that it’s plugged in correctly and that there’s still power going to the device. If the power is correctly plugged in and is functional, then it’s possible that the wiring inside the device has become disconnected.

Carefully check the build within the Yeti, making sure to look for any exposed wires or disconnected components.

If the wiring appears to be in working order, then it could be user error that caused the device to stop working. Make sure to review the product’s instruction manual or user guide to ensure that you are using it properly.

If you do need help understanding how the product works, reach out to the manufacturer for assistance.

Finally, it could be that one of the components within your Yeti device is malfunctioning. If this is the case, it’s likely you will need to send the device in for repair or replacement, or contact the manufacturer for further instructions.

Is the Blue Yeti still worth it?

Yes, the Blue Yeti is still worth it. Despite its age, the Blue Yeti is still one of the top-rated USB microphones on the market. It has an impressive sound quality with a rich, full-bodied sound and is able to pick up a wide range of frequencies.

It also has good sensitivity and is great for studio recording, podcasting, streaming, and voice-over work. The Blue Yeti is a sturdy and reliable mic that is easy to set up and use, and for the price, you can’t go wrong.

Do you need proof of purchase for YETI warranty?

Yes, you will need to provide proof of purchase in order to complete a warranty claim for YETI products. You can provide a copy of your purchase receipt or a legible photo of the product with the serial number and date of purchase.

The receipt should include the name of the store or website from where you purchased the product as well as the individual item that you are seeking warranty coverage for. Please contact YETI at 1-512-394-9384 with any additional questions.

Where do I find YETI registration code?

You can find a YETI registration code in a few different ways. First, you may have received it by email as part of a promotional offer or special event. Check your inbox for any messages from YETI that may contain the code.

Additionally, if you were sent a physical copy of any YETI materials (such as a catalog or brochure), the registration code will be printed on it. Lastly, if you have a YETI account you can view the registration code there.

Log into your account and click on the “My Account” tab to view your registration code.

What does registering your YETI do?

Registering your YETI product is important to ensure the highest quality customer experience. When you register your YETI product, you can take advantage of numerous benefits, including product warranties, access to exclusive offers and discounts, product support, and opportunities to provide feedback to help improve future YETI products.

Additionally, product registration ensures that if your YETI product should ever be lost or stolen, you can provide law enforcement with the product registration information necessary to help locate it.

Registering your YETI product is fast and easy, and you will always be kept up to date from YETI on products, offers and more.

What free gift does YETI send when you register?

At YETI, we’re proud to offer a free gift for our customers when they register for a YETI account. This gift is a YETI limited-edition beer koozie! The koozie is crafted with our proprietary ColdLock™ fabric and is engineered to help keep your drinks cold even in the heat of summer.

Perfect for days spent in the sun or out on the boat, the koozie features the YETI logo prominently—so you can proudly show off your association with a top-quality brand. It folds flat, making it perfect for bringing along to your destinations.

Additionally, when you register for a YETI account, you’ll also receive a discount code to save money on your next purchase. So register now and enjoy cold beverages with a YETI koozie and earn yourself a discount.

How do I stop my YETI from being stolen?

To help protect your YETI from being stolen, there are a few precautions you can take. First, consider investing in a quality lock to secure your YETI to a stationary object. There are various locks available on the market, both keyed and combination, that can help deter a potential thief.

You should also consider purchasing a YETI Vault, which is a locking drawer or safe specifically designed to store and protect your YETI. Additionally, consider marking your YETI with identification, either by engraving it, painting a design on it, or by adding a sticker with your name and contact details.

This will make it more difficult for a thief to resell it. Finally, when not in use, be sure to store your YETI in a secure location, such as in a locked car or in a garage. These are just a few of the steps you can take to protect your YETI from being stolen.

How much is the YETI government discount?

Unfortunately, the YETI discount policy is not entirely clear as it typically requires a business account and/or federal/government tax ID number to be eligible. It appears that the discount may be negotiated on a case by case basis and typically requires evidence indicating the employee’s position or affiliation with a government entity.

As a result, it is not possible to provide a definitive answer regarding the amount of the YETI government discount.

What does YETI send you as a gift?

YETI offers a wide array of gifts that you can choose from. Depending on the occasion, you can select items such as mugs, tumblers, bottle openers, hats, and apparel. There are also speciality items such as coolers and pitchers, so you can find something to fit any budget.

YETI also offers a range of accessories, including sleeves, lids, and marine mats so you can customize your gift even more. Additionally, they offer gift cards so your recipient can choose the perfect gift for themselves.

With all the customizable options and speciality items, YETI makes it easy to find the perfect gift for any occasion.

Does YETI have a lifetime warranty on their coolers?

Yes, YETI does offer a limited lifetime warranty and a 5-year limited warranty for some products. The limited lifetime warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship and covers the product itself.

Keep in mind that the warranty only covers the original registered owner and does not include the item’s handles, hinges, clips, knobs, straps, or tools. Damage caused by ordinary wear and tear, extreme temperature changes, accidents, improper use, or negligence is also excluded from the warranty.

YETI encourages customers to inspect their products upon delivery and contact them right away if any defects or damage is noticed. If YETI determines that your product is defective and falls within the warranty coverage period, they will repair or replace the product, at their discretion.

Customers are responsible for shipping charges in order to have the product serviced but YETI will cover the cost to ship the repaired or replaced product back to the customer.

How do I return a broken YETI cooler?

Returning a broken YETI cooler is a straightforward process. The first step is to visit YETI’s website and fill out their product warranty claim form, found under the “Customer Service” tab. You will need to provide your purchase information as well as a description of the damage to the cooler.

You will also be asked to provide pictures of the damage as proof.

Once your claim has been submitted, YETI will assess it and will contact you if any other information is needed. Once your claim has been approved, YETI will issue a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number and provide you with instructions on how to return the broken cooler.

You will need to pack up the broken cooler in its original packaging and include the RMA number on the exterior of the package. You can then use the shipping label issued by YETI to mail the cooler back.

Once the cooler has been received, YETI will send you a replacement cooler.

If you have any questions regarding the returns process, you can contact YETI’s Customer Service team at [Customer Service Number] or by emailing them at [Customer Service Email].

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