What are Betty’s Eddies?

Betty’s Eddies are a quirky group of individuals who are passionate about living life healthily and sustainably. The group began in 2014 in Austin, Texas with the mission of sharing information and experiences to help people adopt sustainable and healthy lifestyles.

The group focuses on connecting with nature, respecting and giving back to the planet, and encouraging collaboration between members. They value conscious consumption, enjoying local products and fair trade, and personalized approaches to health and well-being.

Betty’s Eddies are made up of not only those living in the Austin area, but also those living across the U. S. and even the world. They extend far beyond face-to-face meetings and conversations and include online gatherings in Facebook groups and digital events like webinars, podcasts, and movies.

Since their inception, members of Betty’s Eddies have been involved in various initiatives, including educating themselves and the community, creating campaigns to bring awareness to certain causes or issues, launching health clubs and clubs to focus on specific healthy activities, and launching clean-up initiatives to combat pollution.

Additionally, Betty’s Eddies have been involved in animal rights campaigns, started smoking cessation programs, and participated in activities that promote environmentalism and environmental conservation.

Betty’s Eddies are also actively involved in local outreach programs, where group members volunteer their time to educate and support local initiatives that encourage sustainable and healthy living. In short, Betty’s Eddies is an international network of individuals seeking to make a positive impact on their communities and the environment.

How long does it take for Betty’s Eddies to kick in?

The amount of time it takes for Betty’s Eddies to kick in depends on the individual and their unique body chemistry. It typically takes between 20 minutes to an hour for the effects to become apparent, though it can take longer for some people.

After taking the tablets, some people may experience an energy boost, improved focus and concentration, and improved cognitive skills within the first hour. For others, the effects may not be noticeable for 2-4 hours.

Additionally, it is important to note that the effects of Betty’s Eddies can remain for up to 8 hours. For best results, it is recommended to take Betty’s Eddies with a full glass of water and to wait at least 2 hours before taking another serving.

What are bedtime Bettys?

Bedtime Bettys is a natural children’s sleepwear brand based in Australia, that specializes in creating beautiful, comfortable, and ethically made pajamas for children aged from newborns to 14 years old.

They use GOTS certified organic fabrics, which means they are free from the use of harmful chemicals. Their designs are timeless and classic, meant to be cherished and passed down from generation to generation.

They use sustainable and ethical production methods, and their garments are crafted with a lot of love and care. Bedtime Bettys’ main mission is to help create sweet, restful dreams for kids, by offering superior quality sleepwear designed to be both earth-friendly and comfortable.

They also provide help and advice on how to get kids to sleep better, with bedtime stories and other fun and educational resources.

Are Betty’s eddies full spectrum?

No, Betty’s eddies are not full spectrum. Betty’s eddies are a type of non-invasive medical device that uses low-frequency pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy for pain and inflammation relief.

These PEMF devices also help promote a sense of well-being, relaxation and improve sleep. Betty’s eddies provide a very specific type of treatment, and while they may bring relief and promote a sense of wellness, they are not full spectrum.

Full spectrum therapy typically aims to treat the whole person by addressing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. Additionally, full spectrum therapies usually involve a variety of techniques, including vitamins and herbal supplements, lifestyle changes and various types of bodywork.

Betty’s eddies, while beneficial, don’t offer a full spectrum approach to overall health and wellness.

Is Black Betty an Indica or Sativa?

Black Betty is an indica-dominant hybrid meaning it has more of an indica-like effect. It is a cross between Purple Punch and Bubba Kush and is beloved for its high resin production, heavy sedative effects, and gorgeous deep purple buds.

It has a very distinct flavor and aroma that is almost floral in nature with notes of pine and berries that come through strongly on the exhale. The effects of this strain tend to start with a cerebral euphoria that’s light and pleasant, followed by a heavy wave of relaxation that helps with mental and physical tension.

This makes it a great choice for those looking for relief from stress, but also a good choice for late night use to help with sleep issues.

Is sativa a high or downer?

Sativa is a type of cannabis that is often associated with a more typically uplifting and energizing effect. Sativa strains tend to have a higher concentration of the psychoactive compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

This compound is largely responsible for the “high” feeling people experience after smoking cannabis. While the effects of sativa depend on the strain and the user, in general people experience increased creativity, focus, and energy after using sativa products.

As a result, it is generally considered to be more of an upper than a downer. That being said, certain sativa strains may have sedative effects and can produce feelings of relaxation, making it a good option for those looking for a more mild high or for medical applications.

Is indica or sativa more of a downer?

The effects of indica and sativa can vary from person to person, so there isn’t a definitive answer to this question. Generally speaking, indica plants have a higher concentration of CBD, whereas sativa plants have a higher concentration of THC.

Therefore, indica strains tend to produce more of a sedative, calming effect with a more pronounced “body stone”, while sativa strains tend to produce more of a euphoric, uplifting effect with more of a “head high”.

As such, indica strains are often considered more of a downer due to their more sedative qualities, while sativa strains are often considered more of an upper. However, it is important to note that the effects of indica and sativa strains can vary greatly depending on the terpene and cannabinoid profile of the particular strain as well as individual body chemistry.

Ultimately, the best way to determine which type of strain will be more of a downer for you personally is to experiment with different strains to determine which produces the desired effects.

Is there a difference between Indica and Sativa?

Yes, there is a difference between Indica and Sativa. Indica is a short, stocky plant with broad leaves that grows quickly and has long-lasting physical effects when consumed. It is often used for medical applications to aid in relaxation, reducing stress and insomnia.

Sativa is taller and thinner with long, narrow leaves and takes longer to flower and usually has more of an uplifting, energizing effect when consumed. Sativa is most often used recreationally but can also be used to help focus and inspire creativity.

Which buds are sativa?

Sativa buds come from the Cannabis Sativa plant, a species of cannabis that grows tall and lanky with narrow, thin leaves. Sativa buds are typically pale to dark green in color and have a fruity, sweet, sometimes earthy aroma.

Sativa buds usually contain higher levels of THC than other varieties, giving users an uplifting, activating sensation when consumed. Sativa is often used to treat fatigue, depression, and stress, as well as boost creativity, energy, and focus.

Sativa users report an enhanced level of awareness and post-consumption productivity. One of the key characteristics of Sativa is a slower flowering time than other varieties, which can vary from 9-14 weeks.

Is indica sativa or hybrid?

Indica and sativa are two different species of the Cannabis plant, and each has its own distinctive set of characteristics. Indica plants are short and bushy, with wide leaves, and tend to produce more of a body-relaxing effect.

Sativa plants are tall and lanky, with thin leaves, and tend to produce more of a cerebral, energizing effect.

There is also a third type of Cannabis plant that is sometimes referred to as a hybrid. This is a plant that has been crossbred to combine some of the characteristics of indica and sativa. The effects of a hybrid plant can be somewhat unpredictable as it may be more indica-dominant, or more sativa-dominant.

Generally, though, hybrids typically have a mix of both indica and sativa characteristics.

How can you identify a sativa?

Sativas are one type of cannabis plant, and are known for their tall, thin structure and light-green colored leaves. Sativas typically grow to a height of up to 12 feet and feature long branches with narrow leaves.

They also have a more traditional odour compared to other types of cannabis and may smell sweet or fruity. To further differentiate them from other types, they tend to produce higher concentrations of THC and have a more energizing effect when consumed.

To identify a sativa, one should look for a tall, lanky structure and light-green colored leaves. The buds, when broken up, should also be more fragrant than those of indica varieties and contain higher concentrations of THC.

Additionally, the effects of a sativa will typically be more stimulating and have a more energizing effect.

How many MG’s are in an edible?

The number of milligrams (mg) in an edible depends on a variety of factors, including the size of the edible, the potency of the cannabis extract used, the type of edible, the way it was prepared, the desired dose, and other ingredients used.

On average, edibles can have anywhere from 5 mg to 100 mg of THC or CBD. It is important to read labels carefully and understand the serving size and amount of THC or CBD per serving. Generally, it is recommended to start with a low dose of edibles and increase gradually until desired relief is achieved.

If a beginner consumes too much of a cannabis edible, they might experience a form of extreme intoxication that can include feelings of intense anxiety and paranoia. As a result, it is important to always start with lower doses until tolerance and desired effects are established.

What happened to Cheeba Chews?

Cheeba Chews is a brand of cannabis-infused edibles that has been around for nearly a decade. They are known for their delicious taffy-like candy that comes in a variety of flavors. Unfortunately, in 2018, Cheeba Chews had to shut its doors due to lack of financial support from investors.

This was a significant blow to the cannabis industry as one of the most recognizable brands was gone.

However, in 2019, Cheeba Chews was given new life as a subsidiary to California startup company, Dixie Brands Inc. Dixie Brands acquired Cheeba Chews in 2019 and brought them back to the market. This acquisition allowed Cheeba Chews to launch new products and expand their product portfolio, as well as give them much-needed financial boosts.

Cheeba Chews has since diversified its products to become known as the marijuana industry’s go-to edibles brand offering a range of products from chocolate taffy bars to espresso and salted caramel chews.

Their products can be found in dispensaries across the U. S. and even shipped worldwide. So, through a series of unfortunate events and some luck, Cheeba Chews is back on the market with plenty of new products and opportunities.

How many mg is KoKo Nuggz?

KoKo Nuggz by Cannabidiol Life contain 25mg of active CBD isolate per individual gummy. There are 30 KoKo Nuggz gummies per bag, for a total of 750mg of active CBD isolate per bag.

What strain is Black Betty?

Black Betty is a hybrid strain made from crossing Blackberry Kush and Betty Og. Black Betty is an Indica-dominant strain, with a THC content that typically ranges from 17-20%. This strain offers an earthy, diesel-like aroma, with flavors of sweet berries that mingle with the pungent taste of fuel.

Black Betty is an excellent choice for those looking to relax and unwind, as it offers a strong euphoric buzz that eases any physical tension or stress. The effects of Black Betty often start off with a wave of uplifting energy, followed by a deep relaxation that can alleviate tension and pain.

In addition to its medicinal qualities, Black Betty is a popular recreational strain, as its subtle cerebral effects can help to increase creativity and productivity.

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