What are the different Yeti sizes?

Yeti coolers come in a range of sizes so there’s something for everyone. The most popular size is the Tundra series, which comes in several sizes, such as the Tundra 45, the Tundra Haul (which is a wheeled cooler for easy transport), Tundra 65, Tundra 75 and the Tundra 105.

If you’re looking for a smaller size, the Roadie series, which comes in Roadie 20, Roadie 24 and Roadie 24 Hard. For a soft cooler, the Hopper series is very popular and comes in Hopper Flip, Hopper Two and Hopper M30.

There’s also the cast of Yeti water bottles that come in several sizes. Finally, if you’re looking for a light and compact version of the Tundra series, the TANK 45 is the perfect choice. So, depending on your needs and what type of activity you plan to use it for, there’s a size and style that’s perfect for you.

What sizes do yetis come in?

Yeti coolers come in a variety of sizes, ranging from the Roadie 20, all the way up to the 350, though sizes are available in-between. The Roadie 20 is the smallest cooler they make and is perfect for a day of fishing or a small gathering.

The next size up is the Tundra 35 and is a great option for the beach, a cruise, or a small family outing. The Tundra 45 is the size most people are familiar with and is perfect for a family gathering, a day at the lake, or even a day of tailgating.

The Tundra 65 and the Tundra 75 both offer more space and are great for longer trips, tailgating, beach excursions, and family outings. Finally, the Tundra 105, the Tundra 110, and the Tundra 350 are the largest coolers offered and can be used for extended trips, picnics, and larger gatherings.

What is the YETI size?

The YETI size can vary depending on the product. YETI makes several products such as coolers, Hoppers, mugs, cups and tumblers, apparel, and more. Generally speaking, the sizes for these products can range from extra small to extra large.

For YETI coolers, sizes range from Roadie to Tundra. Roadie coolers are the smallest size, measure 20″x13″x15″, and typically hold 14 cans. The Tundra coolers are the largest size and range from 50 to 420 quarts.

For YETI Hoppers, sizes range from the Hopper Flip 18 to the Hopper M30. The Hopper Flip 18 measures 18”x11”x13” and has a capacity of 12. 5 quarts. The Hopper M30 measures 30”x19”x17. 5” and has a capacity of 36.

5 quarts.

For their Hard Coolers and Apparel, YETI offers sizes such as XS-3XL.

YETI’s mugs, cups and tumblers come in several different18/8 stainless steel sizes -ranging from 10 to 22 ounces – depending on the product.

Overall, YETI offers a wide variety of products, each with its own size range.

What is the difference between YETI 35 and 45?

The YETI 35 and 45 are two models of insulated coolers from YETI. The YETI 35 has a capacity of 33 liters and can hold 25 cans of beer or 20 pounds of ice, whereas the YETI 45 has a capacity of 45 liters and can hold up to 36 cans of beer or 26 pounds of ice.

Both models feature a Yogi-grade rotomolded construction, extra thick walls made with a commercial-grade polyethylene, and a heavy-duty steel handle to make carrying easier. The YETI 45 is slightly larger and heavier at 22 lbs, while the YETI 35 is 19 lbs.

Both coolers come with a cold-lock gasket and freezer style insulation that combine to form a powerful barrier that keeps cold air in and warm air out. Both models also feature a T-rex lid latch which is strong enough to keep a bear out and offer a leak-proof drain plug for quick and easy draining.

The YETI 35 and 45 are perfect for keeping food and drinks cool for days on end and make a great choice for any outdoor adventure.

Is YETI 75 too big?

That really depends on your individual needs. The YETI 75 is a great size for larger groups or activities like tailgates and family camping trips. It has a 75-quart capacity, which is roughly equal to a six-gallon cooler, so it can fit a large amount of food and drinks and keep them cold for up to 10 days.

However, if you are just planning a small picnic or overnight camping trip, the YETI 75 might be too big. It could also be too heavy and bulky for you to transport with ease. Ultimately, it really depends on your individual needs and what activities you plan on using the cooler for.

Is Yeti 65 big enough for deer?

Yeti 65 is a great cooler for deer. It is capable of holding up to 72 cans with a recommended max weight of 154 lbs, which makes it a great size for an average load of deer. It has thick walls, a freezable drain plug, and is rotomolded from a single piece of high-density, commercial grade plastic which keeps your catch as cold as possible and also provides great insulation.

The gasket seals tight to ensure your catch stays cold and fresh, and the latches are non-slip so you don’t have to worry about your catch slipping out and getting lost. Plus, the non-slip feet keep the cooler secure when it’s in transit.

For those looking for a smaller size, the company also has a 45-quart model. All in all, Yeti 65 is a great cooler to carry your deer in and will keep them in prime condition.

How much can you fit in a Yeti 65?

The Yeti 65 is a durable and robust powerhouse of a cooler that can fit up to 59 cans and has 2. 5-inches of permafrost insulation. It can easily hold enough food and drinks for a large family outing or a weekend camping trip.

Yeti 65 also has an extra-long cargo net to hold additional items and an optional divider tray to keep everything organized. It is made with roto-molded construction for superior durability and comes with a dry goods basket and coldlock gasket for extra storage.

It also comes equipped with Yeti’s Interlock™ lid technology that ensures a perfect seal and rotomolded tie-down slots for extra security. Ultimately, the Yeti 65 is a top-notch cooler for packing large quantities of food and beverages for any outdoor adventure.

Is YETI haul bigger than YETI 65?

The Yeti Haul and Yeti 65 are very similar in size and are only about an inch apart in size profile. Yeti Haul measures in at 18. 5″ x 24. 25″ x 11. 75″ (HxWxD) and the Yeti 65 measures 17. 7″ x 24″ x 12.

75″ (HxWxD), so the Yeti Haul is slightly taller, wider, and deeper for more gear storage. Yeti Haul offers over 9% more overall volume than the Yeti 65, accommodating larger or more items. Both Yeti coolers are large cooler and can easily accommodate long weekend trips, family picnics, and other outdoor fun.

What size YETI will fit a deer?

YETI coolers come in a range of sizes, although none of them will comfortably fit a full-size deer. The largest size available from YETI is the 350 Tundra, with exterior dimensions of 38″ × 17″ × 30″, interior dimensions of 30″ × 12″ × 20″, and an empty weight of 67 lbs.

A full-size deer is much larger than this, so if you’re looking for a cooler that will fit a deer, you will want to look for other brands that make larger coolers.

How big is a 20 oz YETI?

A 20 oz Yeti measures 9 1/8″ in height and has a diameter of 3 3/8″. It can hold up to 20 ounces of liquid and also features Yeti’s double-wall vacuum insulation to keep that liquid cold or hot for longer.

It also features a No Sweat™ Design so your hands will stay dry and a durable stainless-steel construction. The Yeti tumbler also has a MagSlider™ lid that seals shut and helps prevent splatters and spills.

How big is the Yeti 75?

The Yeti 75 is a solar generator manufactured by Goal Zero. It has a rectangular shape with a total width of 15 x 11. 1 x 14. 8 in (380 x 282 x 375mm) and a weight of 30 lbs (13. 5 kg). The Yeti 75 is the smallest and lightest generator in GoalZero’s Yeti series, able to fit into most cars and be taken anywhere.

It has a nominal power of 75Wh and a capacity of 60,000mAh and is capable of running a wide range of small and medium-sized items. It has a built-in LCD display which shows remaining power and other pertinent information.

The Yeti 75 can recharge up to 3 times faster than other solar generators due to its advanced MPPT technology. The Yeti 75 is perfect for emergency power supplies, backup power sources, and powering sensitive electronics.

How much ice do I need for a 75 quart cooler?

To calculate how much ice you need for your 75 quart cooler, you can use a simple formula. Generally, one pound of ice is required for each quart of capacity. So, for a 75 quart cooler, you would need about 75 pounds of ice.

You may need more if you plan to keep the cooler outdoors for extended periods of time or in a particularly hot environment in order to keep items cold for a longer time. If you plan to use your cooler for camping, you can add an additional 25-30% to the total to ensure your items remain chilled.

How many cans can a 75 quart cooler hold?

A 75 quart cooler can typically hold up to 95 12 oz cans and 75 pint cans. To estimate the amount of cans you can can fit, use the following equation: capacity in quarts/can size in ounces X total number of cans = estimated capacity for cooler.

Thus, 75/12 X 95 = 637. 5 capacity for 12 oz cans and 75/16 X 75 = 468. 75 capacity for pint cans. Therefore, a 75 quart cooler can hold up to 95 12 oz cans and 75 pint cans.

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